1. What to test? What is the Payment Rate?

Once your register, testing assignments will be emailed to you along with scope of work that provides details on scope, out of scope, device and payment rates. Rates will be in dollar. You have to test and record bugs only that are not duplicate in nature. All recorded bugs will be made available to you. You have to check the latest bug report for which a link will be provided to you, in your bug report capture form.You will be paid for customer approved bugs. Do not worry, you will earn good money for certain  gradually.

How to record?

Use video with screencast-o-matic, that can be downloaded for free.

Frequency of payment

Payments are made twice a month on the 7th and 21st of every month with Paypal. Please create a Paypal address if you already do not have.

Earn while your learn

It is not only earning but also learning. I will send you videos of errors that will help you to learn how to capture bugs. As I said do not worry  much about earning. You will earn but you will certainly earn more as you capture bugs.