How did I stop smoking in 2 days?

Posted 04.12.2018 | Author: Viki


Hi, health again Viki! This time I want to share your success with how I stopped smoking. .

Can you remember that I wrote about a year ago that I want to stop smoking and please advice how to do it?


But I found rescue!

After several unsuccessful attempts, I smoked further. And then I recently hit the blog of a boy who quit smoking thanks to some drops Nikotinoff, so I started to get interested.

Drops are taken three times a day, and your smoky taste fills you completely! Immediately!

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This is something that gives you no psychological theories of Allen Carr and others do not guarantee it, while this is a real effect on the organism that forces you directly to smoke. So, at the clinic, nobody will treat you this way, because they would all cure and lose all clients. We all understand that ...

So, I've been taking those drops literally for just two days, and I've already felt REASONABLE resistance to cigarettes. I'm completely sick of cigarettes! That can not be described at all, that resistance! I DO NOT WANT TO BREATH THE FOOT. More than two months have passed since I took these drops, and I still DO NOT HAPPY ON CIGARETTE.

I am very sorry for this, and I am grateful that there is something else that eventually managed to get rid of eternal cigarette smell in the apartment, from my mouth, not to mention yellow fingers and teeth.

If anyone was interested in there, there are only one site through which Nikotinoff certified can be bought, here is the link.

The price is really low, as much as you would put in 10 boxes of regular cigarettes that you smoke a week. So, tell me what's more important to you: one week of smoking or health for the rest of your life? :) I think the answer is obvious.

Friends, surely write what you think about Nikotinoff drops. 

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