Residual Bug Identification Services



Are you sure if your products have attained the highest quality standards?    

Verify & validate with a unique bug identification approach with 30-75 testers for 3-5 days

usually after internal tests.    

Pay only for bugs you approve but get all test cases free(maybe in 100s)   

 Try a small budget prototype to understand and appreciate the result.    

This is a unique approach as you do not pay anything if there are no bugs identified. You get however all the test cases absolutely free. It is fast and done by a large number of international testers only after all the internal tests are complete. 


 Testing is a primary activity in software products and projects. Testing provides quality assurance and helps users to use the product effectively.

Testing may not achieve the goals if bugs cannot be unearthed. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to achieve the goals making the whole process financially non viable.

If it is possible to deploy 20-70 expert testers as a service at low cost and little time where customers pay only for approved bugs, then such an option is very beneficial to customers. This definitely improves customer product or project delivery.

Testers can unearth a high number of bugs within a short period of time.

Once the bugs are rectified testers can also support regression testing.

The process of such bug identification usually happens when all customers tests are over. Thus this is a residual bug identification service.

As product and project owners are usually concerned about quality, this will benefit them.
There is hardly anything at stake for the customer as they pay only for bugs approved by them.
To limit budget, customers can also specify a bug limit beyond which the process will stop.
Apart from this, there is always a start date and end date for the process, that may be as low as 2 hours.

This is implemented by use of a software that supports aspects as defined above.

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