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Software quality  testing online services to build defect free software. 

 Our experts of online testing with instant test results sets us apart as the leading online test management service provider, benefiting everyone from large corporations to small organizations. 

Large number of bugs identified in quick time will help to build defect free software.

Achieve software quality assurance testing services by competent testers.

Software Quality Assurance in software testing for Zero defect services. 

Our online quality assurance services and metrics provides  reliable services. We adopt a structured  approach to deliver software quality assurance testing services.

Zero defect quality for software.

Zero defect services is now a possibility with large number of expert testers testing applications for a brief period of time and identifying large number of bugs.   Thus the value of zero defect delivery is realized as all such defects are identified and rectified. Different test scenarios are provided by testers to maximise software bug detection for defect free products.

Software Bug identification for quality assurance in software testing.

Software bug identification delivers a defect free product for all domains.  Testers with right framework of mind applies knowledge and experience to deliver defect-free products.

Software bug identification method is an unique approach where large number of testers work for a brief period of time to identify large number of bugs. The bugs when rectified provides a defect free application or app. This is an online software services for bug detetction.

Software testing online covers the following

a. Functional testing. b. Usability testing. c. Crash testing. d. Content testing. e. Integration testing.

f. System testing. g. Performance test


Multiple testers from across the  world unearth bugs in quick time. Thus software testing by testers simulate user testing.

Limit budget by specifying bug numbers.

Get 100s of free test cases as users pay for approved bugs only.


Build a defect free software world.



If you are building software products or execute projects or as user implement vendor software products, then it is vital to building defect-free products or accept products that are defect-free. That way your next steps will be easy and smooth.

We provide such services to enable this in a cost-effective manner.