Metrics Analytics

Customer Satisfaction

Based on customer feedback

Stakeholders metrics

Shows pending and completed tasks for all stakeholders.

Milestone metrics

Shows status for all milestones - Planned vis-a-vis actuals

Scope Coverage

Shows scope coverage for different stages of project/assignments

Profitability metrics

Compares actual against planned cost/effort

Cost metrics

Compares actual against planned cost


Measure collaborative strength

Effort metric

Compares planned and actual effort for activities

Schedule metrics

Compares timelines

Quality control

Compares review hours and review defects for different phases of the projects

Quality Assurance

Compares planned and actual test hours and defects.

Risk Distribution

Shows open risks and gaps.

Issue metrics with ageing

Show open issues with ageing.

Change metrics

Shows effort and cost on changes.

Training metrics

Shows training's and effectiveness.

Knowledge share metrics

Shows knowledge share hours for resources.

Resource metrics

Resource performance

Shows resource performance

Customer Satisfaction


Quality Control

Quality Assurance


Change Metrics

Training Metrics

Knowledge Metrics

Resource metrics